King Forged TEC

What it does: It’s not often that baking is a topic of discussion when describing iron technology, but judging the time and temperature variables when heating the foam used inside this clubhead was a key factor. That’s because doing so allowed microspheres inside the foam to expand, helping to create a solid foam that reinforces the hollow head. This not only reduces vibration from the use of a thin face, but because the foam is lightweight, Cobra designers could move more weight low to drop the centre of gravity in the long irons – a desirable trait regardless of your ability level. 

Why we like it: There’s a lot to love in this iron but what grabbed our attention was the improvement to the company’s venerable face design. Three grams were removed from the upper pocket and placed lower in the head to increase launch angle. The entire face is thinner by 0.2 millimetres to enhance ball speed and save weight. The look is decidedly on the player-ish side with reduced offset, thinner toplines and shorter blade lengths. Cobra says its target audience for this iron is 5 to 15-handicappers. The shaping will surely appeal to the lower end of that segment.

7-iron loft 29.5 degrees pw loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“Enough offset to help you without being off-putting. The distance is consistent, and you feel like you didn’t have to swing very hard to get good results.”

– Player comment

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