What it does: By selectively thinning the face in certain areas, this iron is able to deliver the feel of a single-piece forged cavity-back iron and help to mitigate the loss of ball speed on poor strikes. The thickness of the SAE8655 steel face in the centre is 2.7 millimetres – somewhat thick for this category – but that extra heft produces a powerful feel on centre strikes. In the heel and toe areas, the face is thinned to 2.4 millimetres to add a jump in ball speed to partially offset the distance loss from a mis-hit. The weight savings are used to lower the centre of gravity to optimise trajectory. 

Why we like it: In a category where pretty much everyone is chasing as much speed as possible, it’s reassuring to find a club willing to sacrifice a metre or two in the name of sound, feel and consistency. The craftsmanship in these irons is evident, and the nickel-chrome plating offers a familiar, comfortable look at address. This set is available in only 5-iron through pitching wedge, but the hollow-body C01.5 utility irons will flow seamlessly into these irons for a combo set and come in 19.5 and 22.5 degrees if you feel the need to add a 3 and/or 4-iron to the bag.

7-iron loft 32 degrees pw loft 45 degrees

Reviewer profile

“New brands tend to go gimmicky, but these look simple, awesome and hand-crafted. You can tell from the sound coming off the face that these are quality.”

– Player comment

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