Most of us probably have that mate who insists on trying to hit a recovery shot when their ball is sitting on the edge of an out-of-bounds line. Most times, it’s unsuccessful and usually you scold yourself for not having your phone ready to capture his or her ridiculous attempts. Occasionally we even get to see a tour pro attempt to hit these recovery shots, getting their clothes so dirty where you can barely tell what the real colour of their polo is.

Thankfully, Len Mattiace had someone ready to capture video when he decided to hit a bunch of recovery shots from really muddy water on Sunday. We don’t get to see tour pros out of their element too often, but in this case, we got to see one actually put himself in the elements, showcasing how to hit an escape shot from the mud.

Golf fans likely know Mattiace as the golfer who lost to Mike Weir in the 2003 Masters, or as the local kid who made an infamous quintuple-bogey 8 at TPC Sawgrass’ 17th hole down the stretch of the 1998 Players Championship. Mattiace showed a total disregard for the state of his wardrobe and a little pseudo-instruction, but mostly, it was just hilarious glimpse at how little he cares about his dry cleaner.