Bridgestone Tour B golf balls: What you need to know

Bridgestone’s latest version of its Tour B line of golf balls offers four versions: the X, XS, RX and RXS. Each uses what the company refers to as “Reactiv X”, which combines impact modifiers the company refers to as “Reactiv iQ” with a denser mid-layer to alter the performance attributes of each ball.


Titleist AVX golf balls for 2024: What you need to know

The new Titleist AVX, a three-piece multilayer urethane cover ball, continues to meet the specific demands of players looking for a softer-feeling, lower-flying and lower-spinning counterpart compared to the company’s flagship Pro V1.


Titleist Tour Soft, TruFeel balls: What you need to know

Although best known for it’s tour-level Pro V1/V1x line, Titleist knows there are players seeking golf balls that perform more than good enough without costing you the equivalent of a filet mignon dinner per dozen. That’s where the Tour Soft and TruFeel models come in.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls: What you need to know

The new versions of Callaway’s Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft X LS golf balls utilise a new process that allows for tolerances as tight as 1/1000th of an inch. That creates more consistency from ball to ball for more reliable performance.