The latest drivers and wedges can help you dial in the right amount.

When it comes to drivers and wedges, it’s easy to fall in love with the idea of spin. Low spin off the driver, high spin off the wedges, right? Not so fast. True, some of the latest drivers shown here are designed for players with fast swing speeds who need to reduce spin. But be careful: Low driver spin matters only if you’re launching the ball properly (higher than 10 degrees). If you launch the ball too low or with little spin, increasing your launch angle with a higher-lofted driver can be more effective than reducing spin. With wedges, companies are gearing back the sharp, spin-generating grooves on some low and middle lofts so that your shots land and stop instead of zipping back off the green. Another important factor is matching the shape of the sole to your swing type. If your wedge moves easily through the turf, you’ll hit shots more solidly, and solid hits produce reliable spin. To help you in your quest, here are eight new clubs to consider.

Anti clockwise from top:

  • Titleist 915D4
    The weight in the sole is forward to help players with fast swings and high spin launch tee shots with a lot less spin than other 915 drivers for maximum distance.
  • Cobra King Ltd
    This driver uses an aerospace-ready carbon-composite crown that allows the saved weight to be positioned low for less spin and deep for more forgiveness.
  • Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816
    Those two chambers in the sole can house a weighted cylinder for tweaking ball flight to your preferred shot (draw or neutral) and controlling your choice of spin (low or extremely low).

  • Cleveland Smart Sole 2
    This wedge’s wide sole helps it work more easily through the turf and sand, and a 58-degree loft helps you get plenty of extra lift from nasty lies.

  • Ping Glide ES
    The most important feature on this wedge isn’t the sole or grooves, it’s the tapered hosel. The purpose is to improve the way the club enters and exits the sand.

  • Tour Edge Bazooka One Out Plus
    Sometimes a chip or pitch requires a steadying influence more than any other club. The 90 grams of extra weight in the grip help stabilise the club for a more forceful move through the ground at impact.

  • Mizuno S5
    With a larger, rounder appearance than the MP-T5 wedges, the S5 will appeal to a broader range of players. Two groove patterns control spin and trajectory by loft.

  • Callaway Mack Daddy 3
    There are three sole grinds to improve ground interaction and three groove patterns to help optimise spin for more loft.