While Tiger Woods has spent a career lacking a true rival, he’s used an assortment of adversaries to his advantage. Golf Digest Contributing Editor Tom Callahan touched on this in his book, In Search of Tiger: A Journey Through Golf with Tiger Woods, in a passage about Woods and his mother, Kultida: “If you cross them, you are dead. They are like Joe DiMaggio that way…Tida never forgives, Tiger seldom does; neither of them ever forgets. They revel in paybacks for the rest of their enemies’ lives.” Any slight – even those imagined or innocuous – does not go unnoticed. Hence the Nixon-like enemies list Woods has developed through the years. Here is a partial list:


1. Steve Williams

2. Brandel Chamblee

3. Hank Haney

4. David Eger

5. Sergio Garcia

6. Vijay Singh

7. President Clinton

8. John Feinstein

9. Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

The tournament ran afoul of Woods in 1997 when its executive director, Michael Milthorpe, said that Hope phoned Woods personally to invite him to play in the tournament and was rebuffed (Woods denied speaking with Hope). “Mr. Hope isn’t going to be with us much longer, and if you get a phone call from him, that would seem to mean something,” Milthorpe told the Los Angeles Times. “I guess not. That’s short-sighted.” Woods has never played in the tournament that is now called the Humana Challenge.

10. Stephen Ames

11. Charles Pierce

12. Shoal Creek

13. Hughes Norton

14. Greg Norman

15. Rory Sabbatini

16. The Scandal Roster