An inside look at how the money works on LIV Golf

As with many other issues surrounding this upstart tour, the details around all the money are shadowy. In an effort to get more granular, the Fire Pit Collective spoke with four managers/agents who represent LIV golfers; they were granted anonymity to facilitate candour.

‘One of the worst apologies I’ve ever seen written’: Brandel Chamblee rips Phil Mickelson on podcast

Not long after Phil Mickelson apologised for his “reckless” Saudi golf comments, Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee dissected the reigning PGA champion’s statement as only he can. Never one to shy away from calling it how he sees it, Chamblee specifically honed in on the third and fourth paragraphs, calling them “damage control.” Chamblee doubled down Read more…

Golf injuries are trending upwards, and theories abound as to why

A herniated disc, fractured rib, back soreness, partially torn tendon, partially torn meniscus, tendinitis, hernia, foot injury, stress fracture, torn labrum. No, it’s not an NRL injury report. It’s the list of some of the injuries players in the top 50 of the Official World Golf Ranking have suffered in the past few years.