Firstly, Identify and Then Correct

In my September issue article I took you through the different posture types and demonstrated how you can identify which posture type you are – C, S or N (Neutral).

S Posture
S Posture
C Posture
C Posture

If you’re N posture, that’s fantastic. But even though your setup may be sound, you can always use these simple exercises to maintain that athletic setup, while enhancing your ability to be supple, strong and balanced throughout the golf swing.

C Posture

Thoracic Mobilisation with a peanut

Here you’ll be making an artificial peanut!


What you need: Two tennis balls and some sturdy tape – I use duct tape.

Lauren Sanft

Exercise: Place the peanut under your mid-upper back with a tennis ball either side of your spine (not on your spine). From this position, perform gentle bends back over the peanut and then up again. Use your breath to help you benefit from this exercise – inhale when you come up and exhale for three seconds as your bend back over the peanut.

Repetitions: Five repetitions in three different positions. Sets: two, daily.

S Posture

Core Dead Bugs

Exercise: Lie on the floor on your back with your legs bent up into ‘tabletop’ position and positioned slightly in towards your chest. Rest your hands next to you on the floor. From this position, push your lower back down into the floor. This lower back pressure into the floor is the key component of the exercise. While maintaining this pressure, slowly extend one leg out to 45 degrees. Hold for one second and then bring the leg back in. Keep alternating legs with the focus always being on the back-to-floor pressure.

Lauren Sanft Lauren Sanft

Repetitions: 8-10 for each leg.

Sets: Three, daily.

Lauren Sanft is a Titleist-certified golf fitness instructor and director of Golf Fitness Co.