What it does: With a wide range of lofts (you could start your matching iron set at the 8 if you went all in), engineers sought to develop the hottest face design for a hybrid in Wilson history. The result is a variable-thickness face insert, designed with the help of a super computer, that exemplifies versatility. Made out of high-strength Carpenter custom 455 stainless steel, the insert creates high ball speeds across the face by optimising the weight of the insert. It does so by painstakingly finding that happy place between ultra-thin extreme flexibility and borderline durability. The face insert, which is a switch from Wilson’s previous uniform-thickness face, is now thicker in the middle than before but increasingly thinner at the perimeter. It does all that while still giving off a comforting sound and feel at impact.      

Why we like it: It is easy to hit, but that’s not just the face’s work. Rather, it’s how the crown saves weight to further lower the centre of gravity. The design of the crown is no less inventive than the face. The web-like structure gets about as thin as a business card (and less than a third the thickness of the face), resulting in higher launch and longer carry compared to past models. 

Loft 17, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31

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“They were able to get some backing on this without it looking like a 5-wood. The wings on the sole stabilise the head on a mis-hit, and the ball went like a rocket.”

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