King Tec

What it does: This muscular hybrid not only ratchets loft up and down, it offers three discrete weight positions – rear, toe and heel – that allow golfers to fine-tune performance on flight, distance and spin based on their swings. The weight savings of a thin-ply carbon crown (versus a traditional steel crown) lowers the centre of gravity and frees up discretionary weight. This also mitigates the extra mass devoted to the club’s adjustable hosel. Power comes from a new L-shaped face insert that wraps around the sole to provide better flex, especially on lower face hits. The oversize shape adds forgiveness with a larger face area for better all-around face deflection.   

Why we like it: The high-speed steel face provides muscle consistently across the hitting area. But the versatility in the hosel and weight ports is where this club shines. The hosel adjusts to eight settings (plus/minus 1.5 degrees), meaning every single head is 24 heads in one. Though we tend to label all hybrids as “rescue” clubs, those rescue missions change depending on the course, the day or how we’re playing. Using the wrench rather than putting another club in the bag makes this a formidable golf Swiss Army Knife.

Lofts 17, 19, 21, 24 (adjustable) 

Reviewer profile

“David Hasselhoff would pull this out of Knight Rider. Just a cool look. You can float it and hit it high or jump on it, and it won’t even think about ever hitting a snap-hook.”

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