Tour Edge

Exotics E722 / C722

What it does: The larger yet still conventional E722 provides ample forgiveness and a higher launch with a solid sound thanks to acoustic resonance channels inside the clubhead. The square-toe and compact C722 (just 100 cubic centimetres) offers a player-friendly shape with an iron-like flatter trajectory and custom loft and lie settings through an eight-way-adjustable hosel. Both models feature distance technology in the front with a variable-thickness-face pattern – dozens of diamond shapes that serve as mini-trampolines behind a high-strength, steel-alloy face. That face has been thinned out on the heel and toe to create more ball speed on off-centre hits. Both models feature a 10-gram adjustable weight – in the front on the C722 for less spin and in the back of the E722 for more stability.

Why we like it: Tour Edge knows that a hybrid is only as effective as the sole allows, and these two models feature the company’s dual-function “RyzerSole” design. A central rail shaped like an hourglass with heel and toe relief helps the club glide through the turf more easily. The design also concentrates weight low so that golfers can launch the ball higher with less spin.

Lofts 17, 19, 21, 23 (c722); 17, 19, 22, 25 (e722) 

Reviewer profile

“I like the clean look on top and the compact head that isn’t trying to do too much. Gives you the feeling of an iron with a deep face.”

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