What it does: Compact hybrids like this one haven’t always featured a lot of distance technology. Companies have assumed the players gravitating to this look would bring all the energy required. But Srixon knows that nobody is refusing more of anything these days. Thanks to a high-strength steel alloy, the face is 5-percent thinner than previous models to create more rebound at impact. Srixon has encircled the areas outside the face with stiff and flexible zones. Alternating the stiffness in the transition areas of the crown and sole helps to enhance energy transfer by intensifying the face deflection for both on and off-centre hits. A step-down design in the crown lowers the centre of gravity and gives the user optimal trajectory without too much spin.

Why we like it: The Porsche 356, David Warner, Sonic the Hedgehog: sometimes the smallest packages pack the most power and speed. The compact look can make it seem imposing to higher-handicappers, and make no mistake, this is a club that is big on workability. Still, this is not a players-only club. With lofts at 25 and 28 degrees, it plays just fine even if you’ve never seen the back tees.

Lofts 16, 19, 22, 25, 28 

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“It lets me deal with shots from mediocre lies. The word is ‘premium’. Some will get it or they won’t, but the good players will know what you have in your bag.”

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