0317 x / 0317 xf (gen4) 

What it does: The two hybrids here try to do a lot of the same things (distance, forgiveness, adjustability), but they differ in a key way. The X enhances solid hits, and the XF smooths out your blunders. Of course, what’s most noticeable is a crown that sandwiches a carbon-composite wedge between heel and toe sections made of steel. This increases the structure’s stiffness for faster ball speed and enhances the high-strength stainless-steel face. Two adjustable ports in the sole – one heavy, one light – allow for a range of customisation for spin and draw. A honeycomb TPE internal insert improves sound and feel. The XF is slightly bigger to make it easier to hit, but maybe its smartest mistake-fixer is a set of sole rails that prevents the head from digging into the ground on turf-heavy strikes.      

Why we like it: This is a company that favours the bold, but that crown is more than just an aesthetic. It’s emblematic of the brand’s search for an alternative from the usual way of doing things. Not any old carbon composite, the use of aluminium vapor in the carbon-composite material adds strength and reduces mass up top to lower the club’s centre of gravity for better ball flight and stability.  

Lofts 17, 19, 22, 25, 28 (x); 19, 22, 25, 28 (xf); adjustable

Reviewer profile

“The deep face gives you confidence at address. Love the ‘X’ for alignment. The sound resembles a gun with a silencer. Trajectory is high and true.”

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