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TaylorMade’s most forgiving fairway woods are designed to be larger so that average golfers have more clubface to power their mis-hits. By increasing the clubhead’s profile size, weight can be positioned farther back from the face to increase stability on off-centre strikes. However, there are two reasons you can’t just indiscriminately make a fairway wood larger: the clubhead needs to easily glide through the turf, and golfers need to feel sufficiently confident they can launch the ball off the ground. That’s where TaylorMade’s V-shape sole comes in. It uses a lower central section to create a low centre of gravity to help golfers launch the ball more easily. In addition, recessed areas in the toe and heel allow the head to move unencumbered through a variety of lies. The lightweight carbon-composite crown also contributes to the lower centre of gravity to help launch the ball with less spin. Finally, the high-strength C300 steel alloy face and the trademark slot in the sole give your strikes a little extra zip. To better meet the needs of all golfers, TaylorMade offers a loft range that extends to a 9-wood, plus a heel-weighted (and even larger) Max•D option to fight the slice.

LOFTS 15, 16.5, 18, 21, 24 (max); 16, 19, 22 (maxd)

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“It’s so easy to launch high that there should be a NASA countdown before you swing. Beautiful, functional looks. The thin white topline helps my aim.”

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