PVD Classic

What it does: Like broccoli, blueberries or intensive yoga, SeeMore putters continue to be an obvious revelation about what you should be doing compared to what you are doing. Wouldn’t it be better to have a foolproof way of aiming your putter like this one has? How about a putter like this that’s weighted so that the face wants to stay square to the shaft plane, making it naturally easier to return to square at impact? Or maybe a putter like this with a soft, milled-aluminium insert, a nine-inch range of lengths, five lie angles and an online fitting tool? Huh, you don’t say? Namaste.

Why we like it: The PVD Classic line features the Model B, a modern take on SeeMore’s original FGP. Extra heel-toe weighting makes it more effective beyond its alignment and swing benefits.

SPECS 2 models; head weight 340-360 grams; length 30-39 inches

Reviewer profile

“Unusual look but effective with the alignment aid. Quiet and smooth. Has me questioning whether I normally line up wrong.”

– Player Comment

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