HB Soft Milled

What it does: Compared to casting, milling a putter is an elaborate, high-cost exercise, but it consistently produces the most preferred putters on the market. For Cleveland’s engineers, the idea was to have those benefits in a cast putter at a more affordable price. That meant milling “on the surfaces that matter for performance”. In other words, precise milling certain shaping and alignment areas to eliminate any irregularities in casting. That intense manufacturing commitment produces consistency in loft, lie and face angle. The steel-tipped graphite shaft option is a worthy upgrade.

Why we like it: The milling process makes it look good, but it needs to roll nicely, too. Enter the intricate variable milling pattern on the face. It normalises energy transfer across the face.

SPECS 4 models; head weight 345-370 grams; length 34-35 inches

Reviewer profile

“All the options make it easy to find one that will suit your eye. Good contrast of the alignment lines. A soft click at impact.”

– Player comment

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