L.A.B. Golf


What it does: L.A.B. Golf’s putters have always had a weighting system that balances the natural torque of the head and shaft to
ensure the face angle stays square to the lie angle. This reduces or even eliminates the way the hands have to fight with the putter to get the face back to square. However, its putters, like the Directed Force or Mezz.1, were visually, um, non-traditional. The Link.1 changes this with a heel-toe weighted blade shape similar to the iconic Anser and maintains the company’s stroke-enhancing technology.

Why we like it: A putter that’s designed to almost swing itself? You have to appreciate the ambition and imagination. Another reason this might be the best L.A.B. Golf putter ever is weighting that eschews the bulky original grip to let golfers use any grip they want.

SPECS 1 model; head weight 320-380 grams; length 32-36 inches

Reviewer profile

“It’s stable through the stroke and easy to keep square, like there is a big sweet spot. The long heel-to-toe shape didn’t feel heavy.”

– Player Comment

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