White Hot OG

What it does: What you see here might be the appearance of a blade putter, but it performs more like a larger mallet, especially in terms of off-centre-hit forgiveness. Heavy tungsten weights (120 grams) within the heel and toe of the stainless-steel front section keep the centre of gravity forward for maximum face-angle control, but the extreme heel and toe weighting also provides stability for a consistent roll regardless of impact location.

Why we like it: Multiple materials in these heads include the choice of tungsten, steel or aluminium sole weights, but the most important one is the lightest. The venerable White Hot face insert, made of a laser cut, two-part urethane polymer, creates a resilient roll and maintains a soft feel.

SPECS 7 models; head weight 360 grams; length 33-35 inches

Reviewer profile

“Sometimes simplicity is more. Clean head design with a soft, muted sound at impact. No worry about the ball rocketing off the face.”

– Player Comment

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