Queen B

What it does: Like a grandmother stuck with her daughter’s kids for the weekend, the Queen B’s blades accomplish that difficult but desirable mixture of forgiveness with control. The compact but wider soles on these blades keep the centre of the face closer to the hosel axis. This also moves the centre of gravity a little farther back for increased stability. The line features different necks to better match different strokes. With its single-bend shaft and spud neck, the #6 works for straighter strokes, and the #15’s gently wider sole and plumber’s neck fits arcing strokes best.

Why we like it: Pretty is better when it has a purpose. The mini-honeycomb face-milling pattern might be a Bettinardi staple, but this one happens to be the softest version yet.

SPECS 2 models; head weight 362 grams; length 33-38 inches

Reviewer profile

“First thing you feel is how heavy it is in a good way. Exudes balance. Smooths out your stroke like it’s swinging itself.”

– Player Comment

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