BB Series

What it does: Unlike a lot of blade putters in this category, the three BB28 options (spud neck, centre shaft and armlock) favour
a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke because of their nearly face-balanced design. The wider blade and deeper flange push the centre of gravity slightly farther back for better distance and direction control on off-centre impacts.

Why we like it: The BB putter line, usually an even-year launch, is still largely available, and the new BB28 [pictured] is a great addition. Multiple sightlines and setups are available, but the deep milling on the face is what stands out. It has been developed with tour-player feedback to produce a soft, resilient feel and performance. Particularly helpful are the multiple lengths for the armlock versions.

SPECS 5 models; head weight 358, 400 grams; length 33-38, 40-42 inches

Reviewer profile

“Beautiful roll and great auditory feedback. Smooth, soft feel. The 28 is slightly bigger. It could favour players transitioning from a mallet.”

– Player Comment

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