0317 X Proto

With hybrids, as with all metalwoods these days, the wealth of technological riches can distract us from what really makes these clubs most effective. That’s the case here where there’s a checklist of flashy innovations: (1) a high-strength maraging-steel alloy in the face for faster flexing at impact; (2) a lightweight carbon-fibre central panel in the crown to lower the centre of gravity for a penetrating launch with less spin;
(3) an eight-way adjustable hosel and three moveable sole weights to accommodate an array of performance needs – enhancing one player’s preferred ball flight and addressing another’s weaker miss. But quieter elements in this hybrid matter at least as much, maybe more. This hybrid has a utilitarian sole design in which a lower centre section helps smooth the club’s path through the turf and pushes down the centre of gravity. The squared-off toe expands the hitting area and gives the face the more comfortable look of an iron. PXG has also increased the length heel to toe for better performance on off-centre hits. Finally, that pad of elastomer inside the sole helps soften vibration, resulting in something that perhaps resonates with golfers the most: better sound and feel.

LOFTS 19, 22, 25, 28

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“Instills confidence – from the look at address to the grip to the alignment lines. I wanted to swing it all day. Love that it’s customisable.”

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