Ping has developed effective and user-friendly hybrids for a generation by focusing on off-centre-hit stability. The G425 follows in this tradition. The design philosophy starts with the positioning of internal weight deep in the back of the club. This creates a low and deep centre of gravity that produces extra stability and helps elevate the trajectory of all shots. Even better, each model’s centre of gravity is slightly different: lower lofts have a slight fade bias, and the remaining lofts are more neutral. Ping takes this extra step to better serve the needs and skill levels of the golfers who tend to buy those lofts. All of these design features in the back of the club continue in Ping’s newest hybrids, but now there’s also an emphasis on what’s happening up-front. The new face design wraps around the crown and sole. This allows the areas at the top and bottom of the face to be thinner and more flexible to improve distance everywhere. Even the clubface curvature changes low on the face so that shots launch with less
distance-killing spin for a more consistent flight across the face. Oh, and they’re still friendly: an adjustable hosel and a newly added 7-hybrid stretch the loft range across 20 degrees.

LOFTS 17, 19, 22, 26, 30, 34

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“The matte black and three alignment dots help me find the correct setup. Really frames the ball nicely. Straight and consistent. Ball popped with a high flight.”

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