The fear among really good players is that too many hybrids tend to be loaded with things they don’t need, particularly a larger, rounded size, higher-launch features and a general draw bias. It’s why hybrid use on the PGA Tour is down a third from just five years ago. But the TR21’s compact shape and an emphasis on a neutral, green-friendly trajectory is what better players want. The TR21  achieves this with a more squared-off, iron-like look at address, a narrower sole that zips through the turf and internal weighting that makes it easier to work the ball. It’s a design approach the team at Honma calls “distance with control”, and it is fostered by a thin crown that lowers the centre of gravity within the head for better spin control so that shots spend more energy flying forward than ballooning. The TR21 adds other seemingly minor elements that will appeal to skilled players. The sole weight can be switched out to better fit a certain swingweight or shaft combination. Also, the adjustable hosel can change loft and lie by a degree, but those changes don’t affect the shaft’s characteristics, particularly important for those whose games are precisely dialled in.

LOFTS 18, 21, 24 

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“The top of the clubhead is simple, black and compact. Feels light in my hands yet solid with a crisp sound at impact. Consistently high ball flight.”

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