Tour Edge

Hot Launch C521 • E521

Few products on this year’s Hot List could be viewed as essential to the game’s future growth as Tour Edge’s Hot Launch line, especially this hybrid tandem. These complementary clubs not only offer beginning golfers an affordable alternative, but they do so with a savvy approach to stability and forgiveness. At a price that’s about half the going rate of some of the leading hybrids on our list, these two heads represent a traditional game-improvement (C521) approach and a true emergency super-game-improvement option (E521). Both feature a variable-thickness face that wraps around the crown and sole and is supported by rows of interwoven diamond shapes of multiple depths to help the face flex more. The C521’s rear weight adds extra stability on mis-hits, but the E521 goes even farther. Not only is there a heel-side weight and offset to counteract the weak fade beginning golfers tend to hit, the angled keel in the rear of the sole reduces the likeliness of fat shots and helps shots launch higher. Finally, there is a hybrid for everyone with five shaft flexes and even left-handed options – just a heap of user-friendly choices that first-time golfers need.

LOFTS 19, 22, 25, 28 (c521, e521)

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“The standard model has a clean look, and the larger head feels forgiving. Shots were high with tight dispersion. I was never losing shots to the right.”

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