Radspeed • Radspeed One Length

Hybrids have been assigned an almost impossible task. Not only are they asked to produce distance and a high launch in an area of the game in which many golfers struggle, they must do so despite difficult lies and unruly swings that often make contact with the big ball (Earth) before the little one. Cobra’s solution for years has been the use of rails on the sole that lower the clubhead’s centre of gravity for a higher launch and reduce turf interference from all sorts of lies to help direct clubhead speed into the golf ball. The problem with sole rails, however, is they can stiffen the lower part of the face so that you don’t get the benefit of a flexible-face design. Cobra’s solution is to hollow out the front part of the rails. This provides the full benefits of turf relief while allowing the face to flex as freely as if the rails were not there. In addition, thanks to the use of thinner, stronger and lighter steels in the body and face, this year’s design works even better by repositioning internal weighting in extreme areas in the front (heel and toe weight pads) and rear (a central sole weight). That arrangement generates better ball speed with forgiveness and a higher launch with low spin.

LOFTS 17, 19, 21, 24 (standard); 19, 21, 24 (one length)

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“Light and speedy, the club is through impact before you know it. The attractive green accents pop just like the crisp sound.”

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