What it does: Produced in cooperation with the famed Endo forging house in Japan, these “small batch” wedges emphasise the importance of the right sole grind – by simplifying it. All swing types can find a home in its three sole grinds, but even then, only the 56, 58 and 60-degree lofts offer more than the standard grind as an option. There’s a wide-sole version for shallower swings and a “cut down” grind for improved performance on open-face shots. 

Why we like it: Here’s to unfettered fresh thinking. Unlike many competitors, these grooves aren’t milled but rather are part of a more elaborate forging process designed to be more precise than milling. Meanwhile, the dot pattern between the grooves is designed to create consistent friction for reliable spin. 

Specs 10 options (48-60 degrees); 3 sole grinds; 1 finish 

Reviewer profile

“The turf interaction is so good. It levels out instead of digging or bouncing. It performs well in every scenario.”

– Player comment

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