Vokey SM9

What it does: When talking about a club’s centre of gravity, most think of it in terms of inside the head. A better wedge, according to Vokey’s thinking, requires moving it outside the head. Specifically, the new SM9 moves the CG forward of the face and higher than in past models. That combination controls excessive dynamic loft, yielding a lower, more consistent flight for optimal launch and spin. 

Why we like it: Although the matrix of 23 loft-bounce options sounds confusing, it’s purposeful. Swings and course conditions vary. If you’re not making contact between the second and fifth groove, you’ve got the wrong grind. The master’s guidance: a higher-bounce sand wedge and lower-bounce lob wedge provide the most adaptability for all conditions.

Specs 23 options (46-62 degrees); 6 sole grinds; 4 finishes

Reviewer profile

“A club for short-game connoisseurs. Feedback is satisfying. Brilliant versatility. Spin is remarkably consistent.”

– Player comment

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