What it does: Everything here maximises each wedge’s specific job. There are four sole grinds with increasing heel and toe relief to accommodate lofts, shots and players who demand more manoeuvrability. The grooves get sharper and more durable by infusing the carbon steel with boron. That makes the edges more effective for the full shots played by the low lofts’ narrower grooves or the partial shots played by the higher lofts’ wider grooves. 

Why we like it: Like politics, wedges are about spin, and these get it. The thicker top half provides more consistent spin and solid feel. Even the between-groove milling pattern shifts depending on loft. It gets more angled towards the toe on the higher lofts to create more friction for those open-face shots that need to stop quickly. 

Specs 13 options (plus custom, 45-62 degrees); 4 sole grinds; 3 finishes

Reviewer profile

“You don’t have to hit just one kind of bunker shot with this club. You can easily control ball flight out of the sand.”

– Player comment

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