Jaws MD5/Full Toe

What it does: The two wedges here include the conventionally shaped MD5 and the larger, high-toe-weighted Full Toe. Each model features groove shapes that help more edges grab the ball, and the Full Toe stretches those grooves across the face. Instead of more vertical walls, the grooves have a more oblique angle from the base. This exposes the edges for a sharper angle at the top where the ball and wedge meet. This especially benefits partial shots around the green. 

Why we like it: The Full Toe (only available at 54 degrees and above) uses a weight pad in the high-toe area to raise the centre of gravity for more spin. Extending grooves across a raw face makes more sense with the open-face shots played by these higher lofts. The lower lofts are sleeker for an easier transition from the pitching wedge.

Specs 28 options (46-64 degrees); 6 sole grinds; 3 finishes

Reviewer profile

“A smaller head profile than most. You don’t have to tolerate an OK shot in one area to play good ones in other areas.”

– Player comment

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