It’s given a whole new meaning to “swimming with sharks”.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s main event is a battle of the giants. In the blue corner, standing six-feet tall and tipping the scales at 82 kilograms (if you believe wikipedia), is the thunder from Down Under… The man known for his vibrant blond hair, ice-cold stare and strapping march down the fairways of world golf… Lately, you’ve probably seen him on Instagram, riding horses on his ranch or working out semi-nude in his gym.

Ladies and gentlemen, here he comes – The Great White Shark!

[Rapturous applause]

In the red corner, a 1,300 pound monster of the sea known for its weird-shaped head and uncanny swimming ability. Please welcome… Hammerhead.

[Nervous claps]

Yes, as you’ve probably worked out, Greg Norman’s latest adventure involves going toe-to-toe with a gigantic hammerhead shark onboard his 41-foot fishing vessel.

While filming an episode of BlacktipH, Norman and the show’s producer Joshua Jorgensen caught the beast that was apparently bigger in overall length than the current world-record catch.

“I was flying my drone and found a monster hammerhead shark chasing a blacktip shark, trying to eat it,” says Jorgensen. “We hooked a blacktip shark and moments later, the massive hammerhead shark swam by the boat and proceeded to eat the blacktip shark that we hooked. I managed to capture the entire feeding behaviour with my drone!”

That’s when the fun really began. Norman fought the shark for nearly an hour with heavy tackle. “The size of this shark was massive, larger than we imagined (14ft and 7 inches)!” adds Jorgensen. So large in fact it started towing Norman’s boat, which he says weighs more than 23,000 (10,000kg) with a tank of fuel.

“It reminded me of back home in South Australia, fishing for great white sharks in Port Lincoln. I remember having a four-hour battle with one there,” recalls Norman.

“But when this hammerhead came up to the water I thought, Holy moly, this thing is huge!

And what better way to celebrate an unofficial world-record catch than to, that’s right, JUMP IN THE WATER WITH IT!

See for yourself:

No thanks. You truly are one of a kind, Greg!