Your PGA Professionals: Education key to Mercieca’s coaching

Joel Mercieca has students that he has been working with for almost a decade. He knows that if he doesn’t get better as a coach, he can’t hope to progress them to their full potential as players.

Ever since completing his PGA qualifications in 2011, Mercieca has been on a constant search for continual improvement.

PGA Professionals: Holmes brings tech to the masses at Narooma

Technology upgrades are now part of our daily life. Whether it’s an app update, a new phone or a car that drives itself we are in a constant search for the latest way to make our lives more efficient and – let’s be frank – fun.

PGA Professionals: Life Lessons – Kyle Francis

xley Golf Club PGA Professional Kyle Francis recently celebrated his 50th year as a Member of the PGA of Australia. He shares his early influences in the game, the legacy he has created and the greatest gift the game has given him.

PGA News: Passion for people Di Tommaso’s greatest gift

Tony Di Tommaso’s innate ability to not only remember the names of his members at Carbrook Golf Club but their football team of choice, names of partners and golf ball preference comes from his passion for people, a passion he has shared with indentured trainees for the past 30 years

PGA News: Life Lessons – Michelle Becroft

Twenty-five years after completing her PGA traineeship, Michelle Becroft is calling for an even greater focus on bringing more women into the PGA Membership Pathway Program.

Group therapy a great way to get into golf

Bree Arthur’s earliest memories of playing golf are of clinics with up to 30 like-minded kids, nine-hole competitions and skills challenges that may or may not have included flop shots over the hedge adjacent to the putting green of her home club.

Mentors key in Draper’s rapid rise in Albany

Michael Draper completed the PGA’s Membership Pathway Program with distinction at the end of 2020 and on January 1 this year, the 2019 Western Australian PGA Trainee of the Year started work as the Head PGA Professional at Albany Golf Club at the state’s southern tip.

Mercer’s golden touch rubs off on Bautista

The great coaches know a good swing when they see one. They also know to leave well enough alone rather than impart advice that may serve to confuse their player rather than make them better. Throughout all his work with the likes of Steve Elkington, Michael Campbell and Jan Stephenson that would enable them to Read more…