We know Greg Norman is one of Australia’s most famous sportsmen. But apparently, he’s also one of our most important statesmen.

According to the Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph, Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull was the second world leader to call Donald Trump after he won the Presidential election. How did Turnbull get through to the new President-elect? Thanks to Norman passing along his friend’s number through Australia’s ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey.

“It was a pleasure and an honour to facilitate the connection between P.M. Turnbull and President-elect Trump at the request of Ambassador Hockey,” Norman said in a statement. “I have great respect for both men who have been voted in by the people of their respective countries and I am fortunate enough to call Mr Trump a friend, so I was happy to put them in touch to further the incredible long-standing relationship the two countries have experienced.”

Turnbull was complimentary of Norman as well, describing The Shark as “a great advocate for strengthening the Australian-American alliance.”

Here’s Norman meeting with Turnbull in September: