It was great seeing – well, mostly hearing – Roger Maltbie and Gary Koch back covering the Players Championship and US Open for NBC this year. But overnight, golf fans got a special treat as Maltbie conducted a live-round interview between the two longtime co-workers and pals at the US Senior Open.

First of all, kudos to Koch for qualifying for the event. In fact, at 71, he’s the oldest ever to do so.

So Rog, working as an on-course reporter, was sure to ask his mate exactly why he’d put himself through another tournament now – as well as get a little jab in at Gary’s age. Of course, Rog is 72 so he’s actually older.

But anyway, the two put there arms around each other and walked down the fairway together for what has to be the most adorable interview of 2024. Check it out:

That’s the good stuff right there. We’re guessing that no matter how Gary plays, these friends will be enjoying a couple beers or glasses of wine – or whatever guys in their 70s drink – afterwards.