In recognition for outstanding design and innovation, Concourse Golf Smart Wheels have received a prestigious Good Design Award Best in Class in the Product Design category.

The world’s first completely self-contained electric wheel set for push buggies, Smart Wheels have pioneered a game-changing experience for golfers.

Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, Smart Wheels can cleverly replace the existing wheels on a push buggy and transform it into an advanced, remote control-operated electric buggy in seconds.

“We have always pushed design and engineering boundaries to deliver a better experience for the walking golfer,” said David MacKay from Concourse Golf.

“Existing motorised golf buggies have too many limitations and inconveniences tied into them. Rather than make small improvements, we began our journey from the ground up to achieve a solution which lets golfers focus on the enjoyment of playing game. Gone are the often enormous and heavy singular battery, axle, and centrally positioned motor of typical electric buggies. Instead, Smart Wheels provide a more compact and convenient overall experience for golfers by significantly reducing weight while increasing stability and handling.”

A break-through development in the golf category, the Smart Wheels concept also opens up enormous opportunities beyond this with potential applications in healthcare, transportation, logistics, and other mobility solutions.

The Good Design Awards Jury commented: “Ingenious design and exceptionally well executed. From the fundamental idea, all the way to the detail of being able to charge while in the carry case, this is intelligent design at its best.

“Thoughtful consideration of human factors and simplicity of operation make this a superb product overall. Extension use case to other applications make for an exciting future of possibilities. This solution is fresh and opens the opportunity to new categories beyond golf. Brilliant engineering inside the wheels making them safe to use on different types of grounds. This is truly a brilliant product that deserves to be recognised at the highest level in this category.”

Internationally recognised, Australia’s Good Design Awards are the highest honour for design innovation in Australia with a proud history dating back to 1958.

Winners of the Good Design Awards will be showcased to the general public during Vivid Sydney, the world’s biggest festival of light, music and ideas in Sydney from May 25-27 at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay.

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