INNOVATION and technological enhancements have made a remarkable impact to the enjoyment of golf. However, it’s rare that something as exciting and so broadly game changing comes along as Concourse Golf’s Smart Wheels.

The world’s first self-contained, self-propelled remote-control operated motorised buggy wheels, Concourse
Golf’s Smart Wheels can transform any standard golf buggy into a motorised marvel so golfers can focus on the enjoyment of the game.

Internationally patented, the wheels seamlessly click into place to replace your current buggy wheels with each discreetly housing their own powerful electric motor, long lasting lithium battery, and technologically advanced sensors, processors and gyroscopes.

Concourse GolfWirelessly communicating between each other more than 50 times per second, the Concourse Smart Wheels are more compact, lightweight and intuitive to use than any motorised buggy option available on the market today.

“We threw out the rule book of what a traditional motorised buggy offered and put golfers enjoyment of the game at the heart of this journey,” says Concourse Golf’s managing director David MacKay.

“We developed and engineered the Concourse Golf Smart Wheels in Australia with the most advanced lightweight and robust materials, then married them with clever technology not seen in motorised buggies to achieve a game-changing user experience.”

With an expected price point that’s certain to disrupt the motorised buggy category as we know it, these new Concourse Golf Smart Wheels are set to improve the game experience of many golfers.

Concourse Golf is no newcomer when it comes to clever design, with their current push/pull golf buggies already recipients of Australian and international design awards.

“Australian ingenuity is central to our DNA and we love the game of golf,” says MacKay. “Being able to design, test and harness world-class technical expertise in our own backyard has undoubtedly been the difference for us. It’s been a rewarding journey with the support of the Australian Government’s Accelerating Commercialisation Program and Victorian Government helping ensure manufacturing of the new Smart Wheels in Victoria.”

Concourse Golf

Already the official buggy of Qantas Golf with a range of proven performers available in leading golf retailers, pro
shops and direct online, Concourse Golf is set to continue conquering the game of golf with the arrival of their new Smart Wheels this December.

The walking golf market is big with as many as half of the world’s 60 million players taking the option to get some exercise when they play. Interestingly, the commercialisation potential for Concourse Smart Wheels is not limited to golf.

Other industry sectors that stand to benefit from this uniquely Australian initiative include disability and mobility (wheel chairs), travel/transport terminals/couriers and removalists (trolleys), retail (supermarket and hardware trolleys), parenthood and early childhood (prams
and strollers).

“We have no doubt that our Smart Wheels will have opportunities in other markets as the relatively complex requirements for golf provides a good platform,” adds MacKay. “We are now happy to commence discussions with other industries that could benefit from our technology.”

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