Smooth Operator: Why You Should Ditch the Swing Thoughts and Focus on Tempo

ASK any tour player what they were thinking about during a great round and they will tell you, “nothing”.

Professional golfers concentrate more on rhythm than any particular swing thought when out on the course. They go through their swing process on the range and then take it to the course with a clear mind.

To help my clients with their swing tempo, I use the Tour Tempo app by John Novosel.

The best rhythm for your golf swing is a ratio of 3 to 1, three parts back and one part down. This is shown on the app as 21/7, 24/8 and 27/9 (explained in more detail in the app introduction).

It is better to work on your rhythm on the range and be free of any swing thoughts while you are playing. This app will allow you to work on your rhythm. When you find the correct rhythm for your swing it will help you maintain a consistent movement that will hold up in a pressure situation.

The next time you are on the range, go through your usual routine and work on your tempo. You will find that your ball striking will become more consistent and you won’t be thinking about a thing.

American money-making machine Matt Kuchar is a great example of a tour player relying on a smooth swing tempo to play consistently well. The Tour Tempo app by John Novosel is a great tool for finding your ideal swing tempo on the range.

John Novosel's Tour Tempo App