Tour Edge

Hot Launch C522 / E522

What it does: The checklist of materials and “technologies” here won’t have you scrambling for a decoder, but these fairway woods feature a clear division of labour: one aims to make the most of our best, and the other manages our worst. The C522 is built for stability with a deep, centred sole weight, and the E522 addresses our shortcomings like fat shots and thin misses with its keel-shaped sole that puts weight low to improve launch. It also helps the weak fade with its gentle offset and closed face angle. Both versions get extra velocity from a cupface that wraps around the crown and sole and has a variable-thickness pattern of 42 interwoven diamond shapes designed to function like mini-trampolines.   

Why we like it: The conventionally shaped C522 benefits from a sole channel that adds speed, reduces spin and forgives those low-face impacts. The E522 uses slightly shorter shafts and higher lofts (up to 27 degrees) to make solid contact all the more likely and productive. Tour Edge accomplishes all of these things at a price that is not only the lowest in this category but even half as much as some of the more high-profile brands. 

Lofts 15, 17, 19, 22 (c522); 16, 20, 23, 25, 27 (e522) 

Reviewer profile

“The Saturday confessional of fairway woods, in a good way. Maximum forgiveness. Even with a 3-wood off the turf, the sole really helps the ball go up in the air.”

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