ST-X 220

What it does: Not all fairway-wood lofts are used in the same way. Specifically, for a lot of players, the 3-wood essentially serves as a second driver instead of a club used for approach shots. That’s why the 3-wood here is treated more like a driver. It features a larger size and an all-titanium construction. (The 5-wood and 7-wood, however, use steel for a more compact footprint.) The 3-wood incorporates the same high-strength beta-titanium alloy that gives the Mizuno drivers extra pop. A wave structure at the front of the sole on all lofts helps increase ball speed as well. 

Why we like it: You don’t have to be a tour player to need a back-up driver in your bag, but the clubs that often fill that role in the market aren’t always designed with forgiveness in mind. This more forgiving 3-wood also features a slightly heelward centre of gravity. That makes it easier to square the face at impact and provides a little more draw spin for those who fight a slice. Also, whether titanium or steel, both feature a waffle pattern on the interior of the crown. This makes it thinner and lighter to allow more mass to be shifted low for reduced spin and higher launch.

Lofts 16, 18.5, 21.5


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“A hot metallic sound. A little louder, but it doesn’t bother me. It’s announcing its presence. Great turf interaction. Consistently gets the ball up.”

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