ltdx / ls / max

What it does: All three models use a tungsten weight slug low and forward in the sole to reduce spin and increase ball speed for more distance. The carbon-composite crown reduces weight on top so that more mass is free to create three performance characteristics. The standard LTDx offers forgiveness with an extra weight chip in the rear, the Max includes more mass in the heel to fight any slice tendencies and the LS is the lowest-spinning option with front heel- and toe-weight ports to tweak fade or draw preferences.  

Why we like it: That each design produces less spin without sacrificing off-centre-hit forgiveness is no small feat. But the special thing about Cobra’s fairway woods for decades has been the sole rails. They are hollow to help improve the way the face flexes, and they have been removed on the 3-wood, which generally requires a more sweeping stroke in which the rails aren’t as effective. Also clever: the LS model, which is for better players, features a large 3-wood (best as a back-up driver), and the 5-wood, which is mostly hit off the fairway, is the most compact head across the entire line, just what the better players targeted by the LS prefer.

Lofts 15, 18.5, 22.5 (ltdx); 15.5, 18.5, 22.5 (max); 14.5, 18.5 (ls); adjustable

Reviewer profile

“It feels compact through the swing, like every molecule of the club is going into the ball – a real thumper at impact.”

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