0341 x / xf (gen 4)

What it does: PXG reduced the moveable sole weights from three to two, but call this addition by subtraction. The dual weights are now more functional, allowing for precise fitting options and giving players a simpler choice between less spin or more draw bias. The change also frees up the two models to fulfill two distinct orientations: the X model targets better players with its more compact size and emphasis on low spin, and the XF, larger with a taller face, focuses on forgiveness with its turf-gliding sole rails. Both models use a thermoplastic-elastomer honeycomb pad inside to improve sound and feel by minimising unwanted vibrations.

Why we like it: PXG is among the growing number of companies using a carbon-composite crown in fairway woods, but PXG’s approach is a little different – and it’s not just the unique two-tone colour scheme. The carbon composite is in that lighter-coloured middle section, specially strengthened with aluminium vapor, like some high-end shafts. By flanking the carbon composite with steel sections on the heel and toe, the crown is more rigid to direct more energy into the high-strength steel alloy in the face.

Lofts 13, 15, 18, 21 (x); 16, 19, 22 (xf) 

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“It has ample forgiveness with serious length, and the club does it without being loud. Cushiony feel and quiet, almost like the clubhead is covered in a down blanket.”

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