Vokey Design SM9

What it does: The SM9 builds on the SM8’s centre-of-gravity position in front of the face that assists squaring the club at impact. This version slightly raises the CG vertically by adding weight higher in the clubhead. Progressive hosel lengths also raise the CG, which promotes a lower, more controllable flight.

Why we like it: The SM9 features the first groove revision in a Vokey wedge since the SM6. A new “spin milled” cutting process creates the entire scoreline instead of just part of it. The result is a more consistent scoreline edge radius, allowing the grooves to be sharper and closer to the R&A/USGA limit. Confused by all the options? Here’s some advice from designer Bob Vokey: go with more bounce in the sand wedge and less bounce in the lob wedge.

SPECS 23 options (46-62 degrees); 6 sole grinds; 4 finishes

Reviewer profile

“The sound and feel are the standard in this category. A nearly perfect wedge with an exquisite subtle crisp pop.”

– Player Comment

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