Milled Grind 3

What it does: The challenge for the third iteration of this wedge was straightforward: produce a club that appeals to tour players and add the aggressive spin all golfers seek. To achieve this, the sole has undergone changes. The standard bounce has a slightly wider sole, the low bounce sits closer to the ground with more camber, and the high bounce is wider than the MG2 and features increased camber.

Why we like it: Elite players have no trouble generating tour sauce with wedge shots, but average golfers need all the spin they can get. This wedge maintains groove-edge sharpness through a process that leaves the face and grooves unplated. In addition, the face has tiny, raised ribs between the grooves to add surface roughness to increase spin on short shots.

SPECS 17 options (46-60 degrees); 4 sole grinds; 2 finishes

Reviewer profile

“Effective bounce with excellent stopping power. Easy to keep low or float it. Good spin on knockdown shots.”

– Player Comment

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