Glide 4.0

What it does: From full shots to nip spinners around the green, one groove shape doesn’t fit all. The Glide’s lower lofts have grooves with a 20-degree sidewall to optimise volume on full shots where more turf is taken. On the higher lofts, the sidewall increases to 28 degrees with a sharper groove edge to maximise grab. One additional spin tactic: a new face blast adds texture to the hitting surface for additional friction.

Why we like it: Getting golfers into the proper fit has been Ping’s mission almost since the company’s inception. That extends to the short game. Four swing-specific options range from a thin sole
S-grind for players who take shallow divots to the bunker-friendly E-grind that is based on the iconic Eye2 lob wedge.

SPECS 17 options (46-60 degrees); 4 sole grinds; 1 finish

Reviewer profile

“This is my full-swing star: never digs, crisp feel, consistent medium-high flight and extremely versatile around the greens.”

– Player Comment

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