CBX Zipcore/Full face 2

What it does: A thoughtful mixture of technology good enough for tour players yet designed to mask the flaws of those less skilled. A low-density material inside the lower hosel, neck and sole areas moves the centre of gravity in line with the sweet spot and increases forgiveness by 26 percent vertically and 10 percent horizontally. That helps shots come off more consistently.

Why we like it: The sole design smartly changes through the lofts, which takes the agonising task of knowing what grind to use out of the equation. The C-shaped sole on the highest lofts boasts the most heel-and-toe relief for maximum versatility. The revamped Full Face model features a larger face and is designed for the player looking for even more forgiveness.

SPECS 15 options (44-60 degrees); 3 sole grinds; 1 finish

Reviewer profile

“For such a large clubhead, this wedge effortlessly glides through the sand. This is like a cheat code for the bunker.”

– Player Comment

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