What it does: The Edel SMS Pro irons incorporate the moveable weight technology of the company’s SMS wedges and irons. The multi-step forging process results in a 1025-carbon-steel clubhead that offers optimal consistency from club to club. One of the underappreciated elements of this iron is the tri-sole design. The leading edge is intended to help the iron glide through the grass at impact, and the middle-tier bounce keeps the club going through the turf post impact. The trailing-edge bounce reduces the effective sole width of the club, leading to small, crisp divots.

Why we like it: We’ve long seen the benefits of moveable weights, most notably in drivers. However, Edel brings that technology to irons (just as PXG has done), but instead of trying to influence a draw or fade bias, Edel believes the heaviest weight in the proper position can optimise a player’s swing path. The weights on the three ports in the SMS Pro irons include two aluminium screws weighing two grams and one eight-gram tungsten weight. For those wanting more options, four, six and 10-gram weights are also available. Get your Allen wrench out to see the results. Many of our testers did.

7-iron loft 32 degrees; PW Loft 45 degrees

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“The magic is in the sole. It’s one of the best I’ve hit. The weights behind the face provide a dominating thwack at impact.”

– Player comment

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