What it does: The original idea of the P•7MC was to produce irons for the game’s best players that looked the part. The latest P•7MC accomplishes this but takes the design further. The irons are forged from 1025 carbon steel with machine-milled faces and aggressive grooves. The single-piece forged iron maintains its blade length but now features a slimmer topline, a feature you would expect from the company’s most-played iron on tour. The irons also use a five-step forging process that delivers up to two to three times the forging pressure normally used in forged irons. The additional force decreases the grain size to improve the overall properties of the metal. The high-pressure forging also reduces the need for hand-polishing, allowing for a repeatable, precise geometry.

Why we like it: These irons balance the right amount of help with the right amount of “leave me on my own”. In an iron that seemingly serves all ball flights, the compact head, minimal offset and satin-nickel-chrome finish provide a tour-level look that says you’re to be reckoned with in your club championship. How player-ish are these irons? A 3-iron – a rarity these days – is available.

7-iron loft 34 degrees; PW Loft 47 degrees

Reviewer profile

“This one has the ultimate look: clean and not a lot of offset. You feel square setting up, and the ball feels springy coming off the face.”

– Player comment

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