King Tour

What it does: These irons use the same five-step forging process as the CB/MB set, but they are very different clubs and a departure from last year’s model. The previous King Tour used a metal-injection-moulding (MIM) process to create the clubhead, but that’s no longer the case. Instead, the forging process delivers the same consistency as MIM while delivering a better feel. The milled grooves are manufactured to a precise tolerance that reduces the variability on the groove shape. The upshot is that the grooves can be produced closer to the R&A/USGA limit. A channel behind the hitting zone saves discretionary weight higher in the clubhead, moving it lower and to the heel and toe area. That channel is then filled with a thermoplastic urethane to keep the feel just right.

Why we like it: It’s easy to get caught up in metallurgy and chemistry, but some of the details that really stand out include shortened blade lengths based on player feedback and a progressive but minimal offset look at address. A shorter hosel length helps bring the spin down, too, reducing the tendency for shots to balloon. In short, this is a players iron that an everyday player can actually hit.

7-iron loft 32 degrees; PW Loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“This feels a lot like my child’s hug – super comforting. At impact, I’m the chef, and the ground is the sushi. The turf interaction is that good.”

– Player comment

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