What it does: The new T100•S iron mirrors the T100 aesthetically but is fully re-imagined with stronger lofts (2 degrees throughout the set) and a channel on the back of the 3 through 7-iron that increases ball speed and helps launch the ball higher. Turf interaction is key for this player, and the tour-inspired sole contour reduces digging. Because this player type is persnickety about details such as shafts and grips, having plenty of options is important. Titleist delivers the goods here, offering 46 shaft choices and 32 grips.

Why we like it: Creating a players iron with distance aspirations without offending your core audience takes some effort, but
Titleist has done a nice job of that here. Particularly impressive is the use of tungsten (about 66 grams per head distributed in the heel and toe) that lowers the centre of gravity for launching the ball more easily. Does it work? Staff player Max Homa tested the 7-iron of the T100•S against his Titleist MB irons and saw an increase of six metres in height and 14 metres of distance. Combine that performance with classic blade and hosel lengths, and this is an attractive option for the better player in need of a distance jolt.

7-iron loft 32 degrees; PW Loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“The look is classic in the best way. An extra five yards on the pitching wedge is a big deal. The trajectory is like a kick-off – high but penetrating.”

– Player comment

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