What it does: Even in players irons, golfers are asking for more metres or forgiveness in a pleasing package. However, feel, looks and better performance could not be a more difficult trifecta to achieve. To navigate this challenge, Titleist focused on the structure of the club by thickening the back bar used in the previous T100 to promote a meaningful feel. However, finding forgiveness took some thought. Because the T100 is somewhat limited by its compact shape, it’s not possible to simply load more and more tungsten into the clubhead. Instead, an extremely dense tungsten is used (as much as 70 grams) and is brazed instead of welded to the body. This process is more effective than welding and saves weight.

Why we like it: These irons maintain the size, shape and especially the feel that its loyal and large tour staff and customer base have come to expect. The dense tungsten allows mis-hits to more closely approach centre strikes but does so in an appealing shape. For the sole design, Titleist leaned on its wedge guru, Bob Vokey, to design less relief in the heel and more in the toe to help the club plough through the turf like a John Deere tractor.

7-iron loft 34 degrees; PW Loft 46 degrees

Reviewer profile

“I loved the lower profile and compact head. The cavity definitely helps launch. The leading edge made it feel like I could move the club through the ball.”

– Player comment

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