It’s official. Golf in North America is a combat sport now. No matter which app you scroll, you’ll find golfers of all shapes, sizes and ages locked in physical warfare over the slightest indiscretions. Ungiven gimmes, errant tee shots into neighbouring yards, pace of play. You name it, accented golfers have thrown down over it, including these knuckle-chucking Canadians who were seen beating the maple syrup out of each other during a morning tee-time at Riverway Golf Course last weekend. Let’s get ready to rumble.

We pick up the plot about midway through the fight. Two golfers lie half-conscious near the red vehicle while another is being held down by a pair of adversaries in the centre of the scrum. The brawl – which allegedly began after one group kept repeatedly hitting into the other – appears to be fizzling and then THAT’S BLUE SHIRT’S MUSIC!!! Out of nowhere, a golfer in a blue polo attempts a flying kick to the head, but because he isn’t Neo and this ain’t the “Matrix”, he ends up flat on his back getting punched in the face.

According to the X account Nuclr Golf, police in Burnaby, British Columbia, and paramedics were called to the scene but thankfully no one was taken to the hospital.

All The Rage